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Single-Needle Quilting Machine MAMMUT P2A/P1A

When high precision of sewing patterns as well as heavy and high density materials are needed for the production of mattress panels the Single-Needle Quilting Machine MAMMUT P2A/P1A is the first choice. All advantages of a Single-Needle Quilting Machine combined with an automatically infeed of material guarantee highest flexibility with consistent efficiency. An asymmetrical drive system of the two sewing heads as well as a marking device for precise cutting between two mattress panels, are only some of the highlights of continued development. For a more detailed overview, please review our literature in the Download area or contact us, as we are always there for you.

Technical Data:P1A/ P2A 240P1A/ P2A 310
max. sewing area2.400mm x 2.600mm/ 3.600mm3.100mm x 2.600mm/ 3.600mm
sewing speedmax. 3.100 st/minmax. 2.600 st/min

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