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Our services

Our machines, our software, our services

Every Mammut Quilting Machine is custom-made to fit your needs. Despite this fact, all the machine types clearly have their defining quality characteristics, which are suited for different tasks. Each one of our machines will prove itself to be a well-built and exceptionally well performing sewing machine in its own right.

Single-Needle Sewing Machines

Our Single-Needle Sewing Machines are simple to use and produce mattress panels and quilts with high precision.

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Multi-Needle sewing machines

Our Multi-Needle sewing machines, with their speed, flexibility, and dependability set the new standard in the quilting and mattress industry.

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Life Cycle Services

Our life cycle service combines all activities in the life cycle of your machine. It covers everything from spare parts, inspections and maintenance up to remote maintenance and programming training

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Hemming machine

Our automatic hemming machine is the optimal addition to our multi-needle sewing machines and simplifies the processing of mattress panels or quilts.

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